If you’ve never watched it before, the Manufacturers Series has a slightly different format to the Nations Cup. Each race features 12 different cars, with each car having three drivers, all of whom have to drive during each race as well as considering tyre and fuel strategy.

The champions will be crowned following a sort of mini championship. Following a short qualifying session will be two races, with points on offer down to 10th place. Then comes a third, final race, which is worth double points. The champions are the team of drivers which score the most points across all three races. Simple!

If the World Tour events earlier in the year are anything to go by then Mercedes surely enter as strong favourites, but Toyota and Porsche are surely in with a shout, too. And as we saw with the shock of Igor Fraga falling at the first hurdle of the Nations Cup yesterday, anything can happen.

The event kicks off at 17:00 GMT (that’s 18:00 CET) and is the second of three days of action at the Gran Turismo World Finals in Monaco.

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