The drivers will be split into three races. The top three finishers in each race will go straight through to Sunday’s Nations Cup final, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else is out of it.

The drivers who finish between fourth and seventh in each race will then get one final chance to progress in the ‘repechage’ race. This really is a last-chance saloon: finish in the top three, and you’re through to the final. Anywhere else, and you’re out.

The semi-finals kick off at 17:00 GMT. If you’ve never bothered to watch the Gran Turismo championships (or esports in general) then go and give this a read. Then, come back here and enjoy.

Once that’s thoroughly whetted your appetite, don’t forget you can catch Saturday’s and Sunday’s action here too, as well as live behind-the-scenes content across all of our social channels.