This brilliant timelapse shows mechanics pulling an all-nighter at Bathurst to get this Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 out for qualifying.

Endurance racing is one of the toughest challenges in motorsport, not just for the drivers but also for the team crews and mechanics.

On track, the drivers are well and truly the stars, but the unsung heroes are undoubtedly the hard-working mechanics who – as this video shows – will work all night to get a car out of the garage.

This timelapse video shows a group of mechanics working all the way through the night at the Bathurst 12 Hour to get a GT-R Nismo GT3 out in time for qualifying.

The chassis of the car was damaged in a crash and work began to fix it at 6.30pm on Friday, with the crew working tirelessly all night to get it out onto Mount Panorama for qualifying at 8.30am the next day.

All of that, condensed into a one minute timelapse.