Equipped with the championship-winning Red Bull RB7 and RB8, the duo start things off in the docks at Rotterdam before hooning along some roads (closed, obviously) through some typical Dutch countryside scenes. From there they head through the streets of The Hague, take to the beach, and then finally some laps of the freshly renovated Zandvoort.

Filmed back in January, the whole things is filled with all the cool stuff we’ve come to expect from Red Bull videos – from the stunning scenery to unlikely locations for an F1 car – on this occasion, driving through a massive greenhouse and doing donuts through flowers in a warehouse. There’s even a badass stunt where Dutch motocross world champion Jeffrey Herlings jumps over the pair of moving cars on his bike.

As epic as the video is, it’s also a bit saddening. We were really looking forward to Zandvoort’s return, which would have taken place last weekend. Here’s hoping the Dutch GP can find a way to appear on the revised 2020 calendar – having to wait until 2021 comes around would be agony!