One of the great things about racing games is that we can use them to create scenarios that never happened in real life – who hasn’t tried to win championships for Minardi or Marussia on the F1 games? Other sims offer slightly more ridiculous options, like using the Suzuki Escudo on Gran Turismo to get a go-kart up to 250mph. Another particular favourite of mine was to set up AI races on the Lienz rally hillclimb course on rFactor using the 1988 F1 cars. It was chaotic entertainment and, whatever pointless fantasies you’ve used racing games for, I guarantee you probably had a blast doing it.

But, when you’re watching a bunch of karts racing around an oval, have you ever actually stopped and wondered what the backstory of just such an event might be?

That’s exactly what Twitter user Tom Arron (@norramot) has done. Using Project Cars 2, Tom has not only created some ridiculous motorsport mashups, but has also taken the angle of them being ‘forgotten events’ that actually happened, complete with the context of just how they came about. Unsurprisingly, they’re absolutely brilliant.

Great, aren’t they? This is by no means it, either – check out Tom’s feed for plenty more where these came from. Now excuse me while I’m inspired to go and set up a GT500 race around the Monza oval.