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Wet Races Will Have Standing Starts From 2017

In a rare example of the FIA coming up with a good rule it has been confirmed that more of an effort will be made for races to get underway from a standing start.

The rule, which comes into effect from 2017, has been implemented in the wake of this year’s British Grand Prix, which came under widespread criticism for the prolonged safety car period at the beginning of the race. In future the safety car will peel into the pit lane and the cars will line up on grid to take the start, as they usually would in the dry and – assuming weather conditions are good enough – mid-race restarts will continue in the way they always have done.

Of course, Silverstone wasn’t just criticised for the safety car start, but for how long the cars stayed out for before the race could get underway to the point where most of the field pitted for intermediate tyres straight away. It’ll be interesting to see how that works with a standing start – we could see a situation where half the field are waiting at the end of the pit lane at the start of a race!

Generally speaking though this is a huge positive for fans. The start is often one of the most exciting and unpredictable parts of the race, and a wet track can add a whole new dimension which it would have been a shame to lose.

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