So apparently it’s cool and not totally creepy for guys to like My Little Pony now. Still, it’s weird crazes like this that helps put the WTF in WTF1. Deviant art user MarineACU has created these My Little Pony F1 characters but hey, each to their own.

Click below for My Little Kimi, My Little Nico, My Little Lewis and more…

mlp__formula_1_food_stop_by_marineacu-d5uptyy my_little_f1__lotus_f1_team_preview_by_marineacu-d5ckrvi mlp_oc__f1_2013_mercedes_amg_petronas_team_by_marineacu-d5uptbt mlp__formula_equestria_and_wild_fire_by_marineacu-d4zvlon mlp__wildfire__manesell_and_equestria_gp_team_by_marineacu-d51jp3z