When Lewis Hamilton Took Part In The Worst Publicity Stunt Ever

Back in 2008, Lewis Hamilton took part in what has to be one of the worst PR stunts ever when he awkwardly descended from the ceiling during a play

Doing a load of PR stuff for sponsors has to be one of the least fun aspects of being an F1 driver, although most of the time they’re pretty harmless affairs. But in 2008, Hamilton took part in one for Vodafone which was so bad it was good.

Ahead of that year’s Turkish Grand Prix, Hamilton took part in a stage show depicting the Greek battle of Troy. Dressed in his McLaren race suit, Lewis donned a harness and descended from the ceiling, supposedly playing the part of Greek god Apollo, before rising back to the ceiling. The whole thing was… well, incredibly hilarious.

Although it was painfully obvious to anyone watching how cringeworthy the whole this was, it wasn’t until after he’d watched it back that Hamilton began to regret what he’d done, saying: “I just turned up and got on with what I was told to do, but now I’ve seen the footage and it’s one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. It’s best if I stick to driving.”

Amen to that…