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Who Could Williams Sign For 2022?

All eyes have been on the front of the F1 grid for this year’s silly season, with that Mercedes choice being the big story. But what about the other end of the grid? What about the team that could be losing George Russell? Here’s a rundown of some drivers who could race for Williams in 2022. 

If Mercedes drop him, Williams has to try and rehire Bottas. He’s fast enough to replace the speed they could lose with Russell, and his relationship with the team is brilliant. They gave him his debut in 2013, and he led them to third in the constructor’s championship, twice!

If Bottas is on the market, then he’s the best driver for Williams to hire.

This former Williams rookie won’t have much recent experience, having spent 2020 and 2021 on the sidelines, but his ten years in F1, and three super-sub appearances, are enough to prove he is still F1 calibre. With his maturity and speed, it could be a wise move. 

The current Formula E championship leader has recently been linked with a move to Williams. Whether that’s a fan theory that’s gone viral or based on genuine sources, who knows, but Mercedes have said he deserves an F1 chance. Being the 2019 F2 champion and multiple race winner in Formula E, he’s proved his speed. Now it’s all on whether Williams wants to take a chance on him!

How many chances has Kvyat had now in F1? He always manages to get himself another crack, doesn’t he? 110 races, over 200 points and three podiums aren’t bad going. He’s got pace, and although he’s currently Alpine’s reserve driver, we know how quickly things can change in F1. 

This one’s a bit out there, but hear us out! Why shouldn’t Williams try and get Gasly? He’s one of the best performers on the F1 grid at the moment and is out of contract. Teams should be fighting for Pierre! Williams could be losing a proper team leader, so why not steal Gasly and put him in that spot? He’s been getting better and better, is a race winner, and it would be excellent if they could ride that wave.

Williams’ own super-sub! Jack did a decent job when he was called up to cover for Russell at the Sakhir GP in 2020. He nearly out-qualified Latifi on debut and had great pace in the race. He did spin and lose his front wing late on, but other than that, he was very good. 

The first-ever W Series champ and an Extreme E podium sitter, Jamie is very fast. Annoyingly, she’s let down by Super Licence points; she would need to win the W Series this year to just about have enough for an FP1 licence, not even a race licence.

Based on his experience with the team, Roy is well within a shot. Six decent FP1s under his belt, and in the most recent one, he was the faster Williams driver. But really, practice sessions mean very little, and a grand total of 18 points in three years of F2 basically could make it challenging to earn that full-time F1 chance.

George might not get signed by Mercedes, and if he isn’t, he is definitely their number one choice. He’s said that he’ll have a Mercedes-powered engine in his car regardless for 2022. The question is now, will it be a Williams or a Mercedes.

Nicky has never really been at George’s level and probably won’t ever be. He’s got a very professional approach, so it would be good stability if George does get promoted, but he isn’t the driver to lead the team. In his favour is a chunky 20 million quid, that’s a lot to lose, but really Williams should probably go for someone who can bring more performance.

Who do you think will be at Williams next season?

4 thoughts on “Who Could Williams Sign For 2022?

  • Zakaria Ebrahim says:

    I am honestly really surprised Oscsar Piastri isn’t on this list. With Dan Ticktum being dropped and Alpine looking unlikely to promote a junior driver any time soon, Oscar Piastri in my opinion is a clear front runner for this seat. He is putting on one of the best rookie performances we have seen in Junior Formula in a long time; Taking the Formula Renault Championship in his first year, Taking the F3 Championship in his first year and currently leading the f2 championship (keep in mind it is a close battle) against experienced guys such as Guanyu Zhou and Robert Shwartzman, Piastri has certainly proven himself to be a ‘super-talent’ of the future. Managed by Mark Webber he is definitely a star in the making and an attractive option, given that he already has the Super License points. I see it as a better option that choosing any of the other drivers without f1 experience, If Alpine dont put their faith in him soon (which they haven’t been known to give to junior drivers anyway); I certainly see this as a possibility. Please let me know what you guys think or if I am just tripping and my aussie bias is getting to me.

    • Moritz Danhausen says:

      Piastri is definitely one to watch but I just can’t see him at Williams for the next year. However as next year will be an adapting year for all drivers due to the new regulations it is not that much off an disadvantage to get somebody without F1 experience or someone who has been out (Hülkenberg). I sadly thing Hülkenberg will not get any chance in the future. My Prediction is they will go with Bottas or De Vries on the side off Latifi. If Latifi doesn’t perform any good (which might likely happen as I think Williams produces a car that can fight regularly for points) they will drop him for a likely performer (someone like Gasly or Piastri if he continues his form)

  • Steven Bremer says:

    I doubt it would happen but I mentioned somewhere else that if MB doesn’t sign Russel I could see him going to Mclaren to replace Danny Ric who is struggling in that car. Then Mclaren wins the WCC but not the WDC. That is my crazy prediction for 2022.

  • Francisco Nuñez says:

    I think the first seat if Russell goes to Mercedes I have two candidates in mind but it depends, if they want to build the team long term the main option for me is Pierre Gasly, also Hulkenberg is an option but I see Hulkenberg in that first seat for a short-medium term.

    For the second seat there are there candidates I can see in that seat.

    The first one I can see is Alex Albon. I think Albon’s rise was very fast and that pressure ended up hurting him, but I think in Williams he can have a second chance. As Gasly proved sometimes a second chance can be wonderful for your career, plus Albon has all that knowledge from working as a Redbull reserve and I think having been away for a year will make him appreciate the opportunity he has to return to Formula 1.

    My second choice is Nyck De Vries. My main hesitation with De Vries would be the lack of experience in an actual Formula 1. A Formula E is more of a management car and I don’t know how the adaptation from Formula E to the next-generation formula 1 will affect De Vries, having said that I think he could be a good choice if there are no problems in his adaptation.

    My third option would be Jack Aitken. I think Aitken has the potential to be a decent driver but in the situation Williams is in I think he should go for experience, but I wouldn’t rule out Aitken for a long term project to have a driver that can be guaranteed.

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