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Why Max Verstappen’s Crash Could Have Been So Much Worse

Max Verstappen’s retirement in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix could well prove a pivotal moment in the world championship, with the Red Bull driver losing a guaranteed race victory and a chance to extend his lead in the title.

His scary tyre failure with just five laps to go, though, could have been a whole lot worse.

During one of Lando Norris’s streams, the McLaren driver watched the race highlights from Baku and reacted to Verstappen’s race-ending moment.

Lando points out that had Max’s car gone to the left instead of the right when the tyre failed, he would have gone straight into the pit entry wall.

“What would have been worse is if he went [into the wall],” said Norris. “If he’d just corrected it and it went there…that would have been… Boom. I bet he had some brown pants after that.”

Lando wasn’t the only driver to raise concerns over Baku’s pit entry, though. During Nico Rosberg’s Baku preview video on his YouTube Channel – which went live before the race, might we add – Rosberg made his point very clearly.

“Here, I’m going to show you one of the places I always found most dangerous of the whole year,” said Rosberg when driving the Baku City Circuit on a simulator.

“It was quite scary. You’re arriving here at 350 kph. Imagine something breaks on the car, just four metres to the left, there’s a wall, and it’s facing you. So if something breaks here and you’re in that wall, it’s the end. There’s no more you.”

It’s scary to think Verstappen did have a failure at that exact moment, but thankfully his car darted off to the right instead of the left. Especially when Rosberg suggests making contact with that wall could perhaps even be fatal.

Speaking to media after the race, FIA race director Michael Masi didn’t agree with Rosberg’s points. 

“No, I disagree with that comment,” said Masi. “The pit entry and the entire circuit has been designed, and is homologated by the FIA as a Grade 1 circuit, and fulfils all of the various safety requirements that the FIA has within its regulation requirements. So no, I disagree.”

Do you think the Baku pitlane needs to change for future races?

Let us know what you think in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Why Max Verstappen’s Crash Could Have Been So Much Worse

  • Honestly, when a driver says that you have to respect that. Even if you’re Michael Masi. they go round there Ar 350kph so they also have a say in what it is safe and what isn’t.

  • Dragos Popa says:

    It definitely needs to change, such risks can’t be taken in 2021, there were so much scary things that are just taken way to carelessly by the officials, things need to change.
    Massi’s ignorance to extremely valid comments is unacceptable, he is risking the drivers lives all for his ego and for the sake of saying he did nothing wrong, like, how can you wait a whole lap before deploying a safety car when the driver is literally crossing the track where other drivers are driving 300kph, or when there’s a recovery vehicle ON TRACK and the drivers are supposed to go flat out in the wet by that, that’s what killed Jules and they come up with an escuse like we thought they would be done by the time we start, why didn’t they delay a bit and start the damn session later, and there are way more examples that don’t come up in my mind right now, it is just unacceptable and things need to be changed or otherwise we will have another horrendous crash which could have been prevented without these ignorances

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