The First 2016 Car Looks Exactly The Same As Last Year – WTF1

The First 2016 Car Looks Exactly The Same As Last Year

You’d be excused for thinking Williams have shared a picture of last year’s car but no, this is in fact the first 2016 F1 car to break cover.

The awesome Martini paint job remains on the new FW38 and so does the rather-less-awesome ‘thumb nose’ but squint hard enough and you will actually see a difference between the new car and the FW37, as can be seen in this comparison.

Despite looking very, very similar though Williams have appeared to have addressed the issue of being absolutely shit-hot at the high-speed circuits and then terrible at slow-speed corners or when it rains.

“It is no secret that the low speed performance of the FW37 didn’t match its high speed performance,” explained Williams technical officer Pat Symonds. “A lot of time was spent looking into why this was and subsequently making changes, which we hope will improve the situation.”

(C) Williams
(C) Williams

So it looks like the 2016 cars are going to look very, very similar to last year’s. Next up to reveal is Ferrari, later this afternoon.

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