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Williams Have Parted Ways With Development Driver Dan Ticktum With Immediate Effect

22-year-old Dan Ticktum joined Williams ahead of the 2020 season after being dropped by Red Bull from their junior programme in 2019. He re-signed with Williams ahead of this F1 season in March but has had his contract terminated as we go into the summer break, as reported by F1.

“Myself and Williams parted ways before the recent Latifi-related incident, just so people know,” Ticktum shared on Instagram. The reference is relating to comments made by Ticktum over the weekend in which he expressed that he didn’t think a “pay driver” like Nicholas Latifi should be in F1.

“It wasn’t announced until now as there was no option for an F1 seat in 2022 for me. Thank you Williams Racing for the opportunity. Hope to work together in the future.”

In his role with Williams, Ticktum helped the team with the car’s development as well as simulator work at the factory. He was also part of the team’s driver academy, something else he has been removed from.

His sudden dismissal now leaves W Series champion Jamie Chadwick, Roy Nissany and Williams Reserve Jack Aitken as their academy talent.

Ticktum is currently competing in F2 with Carlin and sits fourth in the championship standings.

Williams have not commented at this moment in time. 

20 thoughts on “Williams Have Parted Ways With Development Driver Dan Ticktum With Immediate Effect

  • Govind GO Vivd says:

    Non the less it’s on every ones mind ,
    The biggest gap is not between
    ver-checo or lando-danial is between latifi-russel it’s like they are miles apart and latifi is not even showing intent to move up,
    Stroll is close to Vettel and he is trying to beat him.
    Latifi just gave up , he accepted Russel as superior than him, and thats not a racing pedigree.

    • Latifi literally smashes past Russell every single race. He Has much better spacial awarness than Russell. He’s lacking pace, yes, but not every driver gets up to speed immediately.

      Also, its funny that you state how superior Russell is… Just 3 days ago Latifi was only 0.1s behind in qualy, obviously overtook Russell after lights out (as he usually does) and finished ahead.

      • Will Longden says:

        I mean
        That’s just plain incorrect
        in races this season if you look at who has finished best its:

        7-1-3 (last season was 12-0-5 so not like hes “having a bad season”)

        your reference “obviously overtook Russell after lights out (as he usually does) and finished ahead.” is one of 2 times this season he’s done that, the 3rd being a DNF for Russel. I don’t really think <30% could ever be termed "usually"

        If you look at it in terms of positions difference its:

        positions better than last every race
        Latifi :45
        Russel: 62

        • Ok, I stamd corrected. Russell is always ahead of Latifi. Just like Max is always ahead of Lewis. Except when it matters. If the season ends now, Lewis wins title and Latifi wins in standings against Russell.

      • Govind GO Vivd says:

        Damm, it’s funny you say every single race , …..
        You can shout all you want ,.
        Russel is miles ahead of latifi in the same car.

      • I don’t think Latifi smashes Russel. However, I do think Russel for whatever reason, be it misfortune or otherwise doesn’t make the best of his talent. He starts high. The car isn’t great. But still has never outscored a teammate at Williams. The greats have that extra thing where they can do that. And for some reason Russel doesn’t seem to have shown that. And it fair to say Latifi to be “Mr. Sunday” where the points count.

    • Milan Soede says:

      This looks worse then it is as russel’s main talent is qualie (mr saturday) while latifi is just solidly consistent and in the race they usually finish quite close to each other. So everyone sees russel destroy latifi on saturday but they dont look at how close they are on sunday

  • Chinmay Sardesai says:

    Just makes me laugh that Mazepin is still in F1, and he gets booted from academy for saying words.

  • If he behaves like that while he’s trying to convince teams he’s worth investing in, imagine what he’s gonna be doing in the future. They did it right. It doesn’t matter if what he says about Latifi is true or not. If Ticktum isn’t even able to have the basics of decorum, he shouldn’t be in F1 anyway. 22 years old and still behaves like a teenager.

  • neil loveless says:

    He’s hasn’t learned from his previous comments a few years ago.
    Kids got talent…. just not the brain power to shut his mouth and stick with the program.
    Get Jamie Chadwick in the car ASAP for a Friday morning test.

  • What a waste of talent… he has the speed to be a solid F1 driver, but it’s not going to happen now after blowing his third chance. He could have already been in F1 for a couple of years if he knew when to get his head down and shut his gob…. I mean the way things panned out in the Red Bull young driver program the last few years, it’s perfectly feasible he could have got a chance for the second seat at RBR. As it happens now he’ll be lucky if any Formula E teams will touch him.

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