Mercedes may be dominating Formula One right now but one thing they can’t boast about is having the fastest pit stops. That honour goes to Williams who in Suzuka grabbed yet another DHL Fastest Pit Stop award for Felipe Massa’s 2.05 second stop at the Japanese Grand Prix.

It’s the thirteenth time(!) this season that Williams have taken the award, scoring the fastest pit stop at every single round bar four this season.

Australia Williams Valtteri Bottas 2.35s
Bahrain Williams Felipe Massa 2.27s
China Williams Felipe Massa 2.10s
Russia Williams Felipe Massa 2.23s
Spain Williams Felipe Massa 2.12s
Monaco Williams Valtteri Bottas 2.43s
Canada Williams Valtteri Bottas 2.11s
Europe Williams Felipe Massa 1.92s
Austria Williams Felipe Massa 2.16s
Great Britain Mercedes Lewis Hamilton 2.33s
Hungary Mercedes Nico Rosberg 2.15s
Germany Williams Felipe Massa 2.00s
Belgium Williams Valtteri Bottas 2.14s
Italy Red Bull Daniel Ricciardo 1.98s
Singapore Mercedes Lewis Hamilton 2.14s
Malaysia Williams Felipe Massa 2.00s
Japan Williams Felipe Massa 2.05s

Their fastest was this insane 1.92 second stop at the European Grand Prix in Baku.

Wait, play it again. I blinked.