Williams Delaying Stroll Announcement Because He's Too Young To Drink Martini - WTF1

Williams Delaying Stroll Announcement Because He’s Too Young To Drink Martini

It’s pretty much certain that recently crowned Formula 3 champion Lance Stroll will be replacing Felipe Massa at Williams next year, but it appears that the youngster is having to wait to be announced at the team to avoid problems with title sponsor Martini.

While there was no major issue when Red Bull announced Max Verstappen at Toro Rosso (other than people saying he was far too inexperienced) for Martini Williams to announce an under-age racing driver isn’t really the smartest idea.

Sources are now suggesting that Williams are waiting until the Canadian turns 18 before they announce him alongside Valtteri Bottas for 2017. Stroll turns 18 on the Saturday of the Mexican Grand Prix.

‘Bernie says: Thinks before you hire an under-age driver when your main sponsor is an alcoholic cocktail.’ Something like that anyway.

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