Winter wonderland: Formula One on Ice – WTF1

Winter wonderland: Formula One on Ice

There’s been a number of occasions in recent years where drivers have swapped the usual tarmac roads for something more Christmassy. Who needs Reindeer and a Sleigh when you’ve got a 700 horse power Formula One car, right?

Here’s what happens when a Mclaren, a Sauber and a Red Bull take to the ice.

Mika Hakkinen – In 2000, Mika took to the icy roads of Finland in the two-seater McLaren with his wife (now ex), Erja.

Nick Heidfeld – 2007 saw Nick Heidfeld driver the BMW-Sauber on a frozen lake in St.Moritz, Switzerland.

Sebastien Buemi – In 2010 Buemi took the Red Bull showcar to Montreal in celebration of it’s return to the F1 calendar. This awesome video shows Buemi racing on a snow-covered Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.



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