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Redditor Works Out F1 Championship If Mercedes Weren’t Racing

While you can’t begrudge Mercedes for their success, you can’t be blamed for wondering just how much closer the F1 title might be if they weren’t racing.

The German manufacturer have won all but seven races for the last three seasons and have been on pole position for all of those races minus three of them.

So just how close would this season be if Mercedes weren’t competing? Well F1 Redditor Supercar_Toons has cleverly worked out the entire F1 season without Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, with all the results adjust accordingly.

F1 championship without Mercedes

As the above image shows, it’d be a four-way title fight between the two Red Bull and two Ferrari drivers, with Daniel Ricciardo enjoying a pretty decent lead going into the summer break.

Perhaps even more impressive though as that Supercar_Toons has created news summaries for every race and there’s plenty of surprise results, like Romain Grosjean scoring a podium in his second race for Haas while Max Verstappen would have scored three victories in six races since being promoted to Red Bull Racing.

F1 title without Mercedes

Sorry Lewis and Nico, I’m more interested in how this fictional championship is going to pan out.

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