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Wolff Gives Savage Interview About Masi Being A ‘Liability’ Who Couldn’t Take Feedback

Michael Masi was a figure that undoubtedly gained a lot of attention last season. The former F1 Race Director, who was dismissed before the start of the 2022 season, left team bosses and drivers frequently criticising or questioning his decisions.

However, in a new interview with the Press Association, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has delivered a savage evaluation of the former Race Director and has certainly not held back.

“I had lunch with him on the Wednesday before the [the 2021 Abu Dhabi] race,” Toto explained. “I said to [Masi] that ‘I really want to tell you, without patronising you, that you need to take criticism on board and develop from there. Lewis does it every day, but you are a guy who always seems to know better’.

“It wasn’t about influencing him, but really giving my honest feedback that he shouldn’t block outside opinion as simply being wrong.”

“You hear from the drivers and how the drivers’ briefings were conducted [by Masi], and some of the guys said it was almost disrespectful how he treated some of them.

“There is a promoter of one of the races in the Middle East who said he was so relieved he had gone because he got so much abuse from him.”

Aside from the hugely controversial Abu Dhabi finale, in which Max Verstappen won his first World Championship after a change to the safety car rules left Lewis Hamilton calling the race “manipulated”, drivers constantly questioned his decisions throughout the season.

“He was just immune to any feedback, and even today, he has not properly reflected that he did something wrong,” Toto continued.

“He was a liability for the sport because everybody kept talking about Abu Dhabi and the Race Director, and the Race Director should not be somebody that people talk about, but someone who does the job and makes sure the race is run according to the regulations.”

During the winter break, the FIA confirmed that Masi had been replaced by two new Race Directors that would share the role, including Niels Wittich, who has been in the role for the first three races. Wolff was keen to emphasise that Wittich “hasn’t put a single foot wrong” since taking over the position.

Several drivers have been kind about Masi since he was fired from his former position, including the likes of Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel.

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7 thoughts on “Wolff Gives Savage Interview About Masi Being A ‘Liability’ Who Couldn’t Take Feedback

  • Rick Hernandez says:

    Toto Wolff and his sour grapes again. He has just admitted he was trying to influence the race result by having lunch with Masi in Abu Dhabi before the race. That is conflict of interest and akin to bullying of some sort. The fact that the FIA replaced Masi at the end of the 2021 season has to do with (a) Wolff’s relentless lobying and bullying of the FIA after Verstappen won the crown from under their noses, and (2) The FIA wanted change, but does not mean that Masi was not entitled to take the decisions he made in Abu Dhabi, the race director has the final say in all circumstances. GROW UP TOTO WOLFF!

  • David Dewis says:

    Toto isn’t wrong in saying that Masi was being heavily critasized by everyone prior to 2021 finale. It only became a ‘choosing sides’ thing after Bahrain. FIA clearly didn’t have confidence in him and the fact he appears to have vanished from public view would suggest he’s not surrounded by support.

  • People tend to forget that Abu Dhabi was just the cherry on the cake of inconsistent, poor and just wrong decisions made throughout the year.
    What was acceptable overtaking, what was not, from driver to driver and race to race. Running a wet race under the pace car for 3 laps and calling it a race and the list went on. If we see the changes, clarifications that are being applied now, shows further interpretation of the rules that the FIA did not agree with.

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