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Wolff Makes Bold Championship Claim And Reveals Retirement Plan For W13

After competing for an F1 world championship in 2021, Mercedes haven’t exactly returned to top form in 2022. No surprise then that Toto Wolff is keen to say bye-bye to the underperforming W13.

Despite a P4 finish in Spa and nine podium finishes so far this season, the W13 hasn’t really lived up to the team’s VERY high expectations. 

 Since Bahrain, Mercedes have had to cope with a slow and bouncy F1 car that is apparently very hard to improve.

Nevertheless, Mercedes are only 41 points behind Ferrari in the constructors’ standings, but Toto Wolff believes the title race will be over a lot sooner than we want it to be!

“The championship will be concluded in Europe, probably,” said Wolff, who hasn’t been shy in voicing his frustrations with this year’s Mercedes, recently calling it a “shit-box”. 😅

After the race in Spa, Wolff continued to slate the W13 and gave us an insight into what might happen to it after the 2022 season comes to a close.

“I don’t think that car will have the highest place in the Mercedes museum in Stuttgart,” teased Wolff. “It is maybe going to go a little in the caves.”

Where do you think Mercedes will end up in this year’s constructors’ standings?

16 thoughts on “Wolff Makes Bold Championship Claim And Reveals Retirement Plan For W13

  • They will probably remain in the third position. Except if Ferrari screws up every race till the end of the year.
    But the question is, does Mercedes has the ability to start from scratch a new concept for next year’s car while other teams will already have one year of experience and improvements? Wouldn’t that stuck them in the midfield till 2026?

    • They have money. So much money they can recreate 1 million W14’s or w/e it will ba called. The “fixed amount of $” is not implemented in post/preseason or during season, but it is not connected to this trash. Hopefully they fix their shit, cause probably next season will be the last season I will be watching until Audi comes.

      • I don’t know the details about budget cap, but it seems to me that it’s specifically designed to prevent wealthy constructors to throw hundreds of millions of euros into their car to buy supremacy at any cost. Hence my question about Merc ability to develop a whole new concept for next year within budget cap.

        • Brandon Stevens says:

          Which is one of the problems with the budget cap. It helps draw teams closer together but also makes it impossible to change much if one pulls away, meaning there’s a good chance we’re looking at RedBull dominance until the next major regulation changes.

          • At least we know those will come in 2026 with the engines, so we probably won’t have to deal with a 8 year dominance like we did with Mercedes since 2014..

        • Nayan Mandala says:

          Well actually when teams determine a budget for the season they have a portion of said budget allocated to next years car already. Since he merc has been shit from the beginning they probably started focusing on next years concept a while ago. PLus they are going to have more wind tunnel time and a whole season to see which concepts from other teams work better in the long run. At the end of the day facilities wise they are on par with redbull and still have the personnel to make a great car. I wouldn’t count them out just yet for making a car next season. If there is one thing that merc and the germans hate its being embarrassed. But on the other hand they have all the chance to fuck it up again cause aston is stealing all the good engineers from all the teams.

      • Money only means so much.. Ferrari, Aston Martin and Alpine etc also have money.. You need to have the right people, knowledge and organisation as well.. Mercedes has proven they have all that since 2014, but now you also have the infamous budget cap in place.. I would not mind if Mercedes stayed 3rd best until 2026, as I’ve seen enough of them in the last 8 years for now.. Now it’s time for others to shine..

  • Speciouspunter says:

    While you’re spelunking around those caves, you might want to see if you can find the original sidepods the car debuted with down there;)

  • Chris in Los Angeles says:

    Since Mercedes went with the F117 stealth jet fighter look, and everybody stayed with a more traditional F1 upscoop side pod design, I think it would be very easy for Mercedes to revert back to the W 12 and enhance that design. I have to admit I do like the idea of not knowing what Mercedes is going to do from track to track. It does add a little tension to the game since Max is running away with it

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