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Toto Wolff Is Worried About What The Oscar Piastri Drama Means For The Future Of F1 

If young drivers want to get to F1, getting cosy with Toto Wolff is usually a pretty good way to go. However, after Oscar Piastri broke the internet with his move to McLaren, Toto is concerned other young drivers might try and do the same! 

Even after two and a half years of developing under Alpine’s roof, Piastri chose to pack up his bags and move over to McLaren for the 2023 F1 season.

His decision has been met with a lot of different views from other drivers, but as a Team Principal, Wolff believes Piastri’s choice to leave “is not good for the industry.” 

“What I really stand firm for is that all of us constructors are investing a lot of money in our junior programmes,” Wolff told media, including The Race.

“We invest human resources that go to the go-kart tracks, to the junior formulas, and in some cases, it’s little money, some cases it’s more.”

Wolff and his Mercedes driver academy have produced some of the most successful young drivers on the current F1 grid, including current Mercedes driver George Russell and Alpine’s Esteban Ocon.

Responding to Piastri’s shock move to McLaren, Wolff added: “To know now that a precedent has been set that if you’re clever you can manoeuvre yourself out is something that’s clearly not good for the industry.” 

In order to make sure a similar contract fiasco doesn’t happen at Mercedes, Wolff revealed he would be “employing even more lawyers for even stricter contracts” but would continue to believe in the integrity and character of his own drivers. 

Should drivers stay loyal to their driver academies or should they be allowed to go where they like? 

7 thoughts on “Toto Wolff Is Worried About What The Oscar Piastri Drama Means For The Future Of F1 

  • HerezAThought says:

    End the indentured servitude that is the junior racing series. No more locking up drivers for so long with no hope of getting a seat. It’s ridiculous. That’s what we learned from Oscar Piastri. Amazing talent whose only option was to sit on a pit wall, who couldn’t get a valid 2023 contract despite his mgmt begging for one. It’s just ridiculous that teams have such a lengthy legal claim on children.

    Here’s a rule they could implement: Once you have enough superlicense points to go to F1, the clock starts ticking on free agency. All contracts are void unless you are driving in F1. Additionally, all contracts are void if, by the next year after that, you are not driving for the actual F1 team that signed you. This caps the amount of time a driver academy can squander your talent with a promise that it doesn’t deliver.

    • Richard Jackson says:

      Yeah what really blew this up was the Vettel and Alonso moves that no one saw coming.

      Without those this guy was facing several years at Williams and he made the call to go elsewhere.

  • ฬ๏ยtєг says:

    What really blew up in Alpine’s face was them not sorting out a proper contract for him for 2023, despite repeated demands for that. Alpine was unsure what to do with 3 drivers, so they left Piastri hanging as they spent all their time on Alonso and Ocon, so I can’t blame Piastri and Webber for trying their luck elsewhere. It’s a cutthroat world and McLaren jumped on the opportunity even though they did screw over multiple other (potential) drivers in the process.

  • Roxanne Lyson says:

    Oh give the “we spend so much money on them” a rest. He threw Wehrlein away like yesterday’s trash. Leclerc was the 1st Academy driver Ferrari promoted to the main team since Massa. McLaren tossed out Stoffel. Renault and Red Bull cycle through drivers like daily newspapers. Spending the money is all part of the business of the sport. Expecting the drivers to remain loyal and risk their futures while the teams don’t remain loyal at all is ridiculous. Last point. It was Lewis who of the modern (hybrid) era drivers who first dumped the teams that supported them, followed by Seb, then Daniel, then Carlos. I don’t understand why he’s acting like this is something new.

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