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Worst. Movie. Ever: The last time Motorsport got the Hollywood treatment

We’re all excited for Ron Howard’s ‘Rush’, the epic story of the battle and friendship between James Hunt and Niki Lauda. However, the last time Hollywood made a Motorsport film it wasn’t quite as well recieved. Slyvester Stallone’s ‘Driven’ was originally set to be about Formula One but was instead based on the Champ Car Series.

With it’s ridiculous story line, unrealistic race scenes and it’s stupid over-the-top crashes, it is considered by most to be the Worst. Episode. Motorsport Film. Ever.

One of the worst parts of the film was without doubt the stupid crash scenes. Tiny spins resulted in enormous pile ups, some scenes saw cars lift off about 100ft in the air before bursting into flames, one part of the film even shows numerous cars piling into the water at Montreal. Here’s a video compilation of all the ridiculous crashes.

The film earned seven nominations at the Golden Raspberry Awards which included Worst Picture, Worst Director, Worst Screenplay and Worst Screen Couple. Petrol-head Jay Leno famously described Driven as “the worst car film ever made and a terrible depiction of auto racing.”

So if you thought those crash scenes were bad, wait until you see this, without doubt the dumbest scene in the film. During an argument at a party, rival driver Beau Brandenburg leaves in his Champ Car before Joe Tanto, played by Stallone, follows him. The two drivers race down public roads, against oncoming traffic whilst weaving in and out of buses and lorries. Not sure this would happen at the FIA Gala…

So over to you Ron Howard. Do our beloved sport justice. Please.


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