There’s an endless quest to make video games more immersive and lifelike, especially for racing sims. They look spot on and coupled with a wheel and pedals the experience is convincing, but there’s still isn’t a way to match the forces and feedback you get when driving a real car. Sector 3 Studios employee 6e66o has had a damn good go at it though. His setup includes a hydraulic racing seat which reacts to the roll, pitch and yaw of the car in game, translating it to movement through his body that helps him gauge the car’s grip levels. Superimpose it onto a view of the car and you have yourself a pretty cool video of an interesting use of technology.

6e66o is driving Tom Coronel’s BMW 320TC at Suzuka from the upcoming WTCC 2013 Expansion for Sector 3 Studios’ RaceRoom Racing Experience, the follow up to 2007’s Race 07 and the fan favourite GTR games before that.