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WTF1 Is 5 Years Old Today!

Can you believe it?! Five years.

I’ll be honest, I can’t believe it. Never could I have imagined what WTF1 would become when I decided to set up a Tumblr blog many moons ago share my passion (and terrible jokes) about F1 and motorsport.

It’s still amazing to think what a journey this blog has taken me on and a life changing one at that. I mean, as I’m typing this right now I’m on a train to Le Mans. Le Mans! To work! Talk about crazy.

This year in particular has been an unbelievable one. The Facebook has almost hit 50,000 likes, there’s been monthly comment round-ups, Team WTF1 and I won a UK Blog Award for my efforts. Which was nice.

blog award

I’ve now written over 1600 posts on this blog, amazing when I spent the majority of my education trying to avoid writing. I hope you’ve enjoyed at least a fair few of them.

There has been laughter, countless Maldonado jokes, spelling errors, terrible WordPress code, a few haters and lots of love, but I wouldn’t change any of it. It’s been a blast!

Thank you to every single person who has visited this blog over the years, whether this is the first post you’ve ever read or you’ve been visiting since back in the Tumblr days, thank you, Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Here’s to many more years of WTF1 nonsense,

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