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Yet Another Awkward Grid Walk As Cara Delevingne Ducks Interview

It’s been a staple of pre-race F1 coverage for three decades now, and it’s time for yet another awkward-as-hell moment on the grid as Martin Brundle just couldn’t help himself. 😬

This time, it was Suicide Squad and Paper Towns actress and model Cara Delevingne, who when Brundle asked to talk to her shook her head and said no.

Brundle cited his own nicknamed “Brundle Clause” that came into effect in 2022 after another awkward pre-race interview, that one being rapper Megan Thee Stallion, where if you were allowed on a grid, you couldn’t bring security on to the grid with you. Only after Cara’s PR intervened did Brundle move on.

It hasn’t been the first time a grid incident has drawn controversy this season after PSG footballer Neymar camped out on the grass as the formation lap started when he wasn’t supposed to, leading into a full investigation by the FIA.

A lot of people love the inherent awkwardness of Martin Brundle’s grid walks and getting himself in front of people who aren’t keen – so inevitably, this is another one of those moments that will divide many a fan on social media. And on the other end of the scale, 2022 Eurovision runner-up Sam Ryder couldn’t help but run up to Brundle and give him a hug. D’aww.

(Editor’s Note: Would like to make this point – I don’t think anyone should be obligated to speak to the media in any context. Brundle ignored Cara’s PR team and forced the awkwardness himself for entertainment purposes and I’m not sure anyone should be having a mic shoved in their face, especially when they have ADHD like Cara does.)

Are you a fan of Brundle’s grid walks? Let us know in the comments!

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