Yipee!: Codemasters making F1 version of Mario Kart – WTF1

Yipee!: Codemasters making F1 version of Mario Kart

We’ve had a little glimpse at what Mario Kart F1 would be like with Super Maldonado Kart but Codemasters have gone one better. Their new game ‘F1 Race Stars’ features official drivers and tracks but with an arcade twist. You’ll get to race as your favourite F1 star in cartoon form.

Even more awesome is that there’ll be real tracks with Mario Kart style shortcuts. They’ve already announced Monaco will feature a jump over the swimming pool!

Tracks will have some foundation on their real-life counterparts but will spin off in outlandish directions: Spa’s Eau Rouge corner, for example, gives way to a loop-the-loop section, while players can leap across Monaco’s famous swimming pool.

All the drivers have been given the cartoon treatment, and F1 Race Stars supports four player splitscreen as well as 12 players online.

The game will be released in November this year. Can’t wait!



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