You Can Now Own Your Own Glass Ricciardo Shoey Decanter – WTF1

You Can Now Own Your Own Glass Ricciardo Shoey Decanter

So, we genuinely had to check that this wasn’t a late April Fool’s Day gag. Daniel Ricciardo has actually had a wine decanter made that’s an exact replica of his racing boot, so you too can do your own shoey at home. Insane.

This time last year, Daniel Ricciardo announced his own range of wine in partnership with St Hugo Wines. The red wine was lovely (having been personally taste-tested by yours truly), and as a result, the Honey Badger has dropped another two different wines ahead of his home GP this weekend.

The shoey decanter is sold separately and with a hefty $700 price tag and holds a standard bottle of wine, so it’s probably not the best idea to drink the whole thing when showing off to your mates 😂

Designed in Sydney and taking over 100 design hours to complete, each decanter comes in a snazzy numbered trophy case with a letter from Ricciardo himself and a certificate of authenticity.

For more information on the range, check it out here! 

That certainly takes things to a new level of driver merchandise!

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