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Zak Brown Says McLaren Needs Another Driver As ‘Strong’ As Norris

Lando Norris has been one of the best drivers in F1’s midfield for the past couple of years, but McLaren boss Zak Brown sees “no reason” why his teammate shouldn’t be just as strong.

Since joining McLaren in 2021, Norris’ current teammate Daniel Ricciardo has had a rough time. Though he picked up the team’s first win in almost a decade at Monza last year, Ricciardo has consistently fallen short against his teammate, finishing 45 points behind Norris in 2021 and trailing the Brit by 57 points in 2022 so far. 😬

Wanting to take McLaren back to the front of the grid, that level of performance hasn’t really ‘cut the mustard’ for Zak Brown and he made that clear in a call with media including The Race ahead of the announcement of Ricciardo’s exit from the team at the end of 2022.

When asked if we might all look at Ricciardo’s McLaren stint differently one day because it turns out Lando is an F1 great, Brown replied: “In all seriousness, Lando is clearly one of the superstars of the sport.

“The goal is to have two drivers that can race each other hard as you see in George Russell and Lewis Hamilton, or Carlos and Charles. Even Sergio and Max.

“So I don’t see why we shouldn’t be able to field two very competitive cars. Certainly, Lando sets the bar very high. But no reason why someone shouldn’t be able to run as strong as him.”

If he’s given the right car, do you think Ricciardo could return to the front of the grid? 🤔

7 thoughts on “Zak Brown Says McLaren Needs Another Driver As ‘Strong’ As Norris

    • I said this once on Insta and got shot to shreds by the RB massive! Lando is a serious talent, put him in a RB or Ferrari (minus the strategy blunders) he’d be consistently at the front and winning. It’s just a shame the papaya machine is not up to the task for the forseeable. I’m both a massive fan of McLaren and Lando so really want them both up front regularly. As much as I like DR, he has been holding McLaren back this year so will be nice to see some fresh talent. If they’re up to Landos calibre remains to be seen.

    • Tjidde Nieuwenhuizen says:

      A rookie driver is kinda like a black slate. They are more easily moulded in the shape you want then a driver that is in the sport for 10 years.

  • Well if they want to get to the front, they need a driver with a similar driving style to Norris. It doesn’t look like they’re changing their philosophy.

    • Tjidde Nieuwenhuizen says:

      I think that is the problem with McLaren, they kinda copied the philosophy about the philosophy of the car from RBR. Except RBR do still want there car kinda drivable by Checo.

      McLaren put all there ball in the Norris basket, which would be fine if they where driving for the drivers championship. Not on the climb to top.

      Mercedes I think never made there car to much a Lewis car or both Rosberg and Bottas have a kinda same driving style to Lewis.

      Beside that I don’t think Dani did that horrible last year, if you have a car that is completely build around another driver and be new in the team. 45 points over a whole year? He also had a bit more bad luck then Norris that year. This year the relationship was already sour and became really toxic when Dani didn’t get on top of the car as fast as Norris.

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