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Zandvoort Wants To Host A Formula One Race Again

It’s been thirty years since Zandvoort hosted its last Dutch Grand Prix but now they want to bring Formula One back to the circuit.

“It is a historic circuit, it would be so nice if we could get back on the calendar. I realise that it will cost tens of millions of Euros to bring back Formula 1, but we should certainly explore the possibilities,” said local councillor, Jerry Kramer.

He’s not wrong about it costing a lot, with the Zandvoort circuit currently looking way, way, way too awesome unsafe to hold an F1 race.

Here’s an lap onboard with Max Verstappen.

The Netherlands are currently going through Max-mania and you can’t really blame them when 18-year-old Max Verstappen keeps on showing why so many people consider him a future world champion.

Zandvoort director Erik Weijers added: “There is a lot of money involved, but this is a first step. Should it come to a concrete plan it will take some time, perhaps in 2019 or 2020.

No worries, Max’ll still only be 22 by then.

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