These Are The F1 Drivers Who Have Competed In DTM

With the surprising news that Alexander Albon would be competing in DTM this year, we took a look back at the drivers that headed to the German touring car championship after their stint in F1 and those that even started their careers there. 

The Wholesome Moments From Schumacher’s Career

He’s often referred to as the greatest of all time, earning himself an incredible seven world titles during his stint in F1, but today we look at some of Schumacher’s best moments off-track on his 52nd birthday. 

The Defining Moments From The 2020 F1 Season

2020 has been one of the weirdest years on record. What started as a fresh new decade and full of exciting opportunities, quickly turned into a living nightmare for most. With a global pandemic on our hands, life was forced to drastically change and that included F1.

The Best Helmet Designs From The 2020 F1 Season

With the ban lifted on the number of helmet designs a driver could have throughout a season, 2020 has delivered us some spectacular results and allowed drivers to pay tribute to their home race, run competitions or just create a pizza helmet because Lando.

Here Are The Strangest Circuits F1 Has Ever Raced At

When F1 confirmed it would be racing around the Bahrain ‘Outer’ layout, many immediately leapt to criticise the 3.543 km track and stated that it wasn’t a proper circuit. With that in mind, we took a trip down memory lane to see some of the weirdest track layouts F1 has ever raced on.

Our Favourite Kvyat Moments From His Time In F1

After the announcement that Yuki Tsunoda was to be accompanying Pierre Gasly at AlphaTauri in 2021, poor Daniil Kvyat is out of a race seat and it looks unlikely he’ll be returning to F1 in the near future. As a sort-of goodbye, we’ve compiled our all-time favourite moments from the ‘Torpedo’.