Formula 1

The Time Mauricio Gugelmin Tried To Use The Rest Of The Field As A Brake

The start of the 1989 French Grand Prix saw Mauricio Gugelmin trigger a spectacular accident which saw him fly into the first corner backwards and upside-down

F1 Has Set Up Its Own Fantasy Game

Formula 1 is continuing to push out new initiatives and has now started its own Fantasy F1 game. We've started a WTF1 league - join us!

Williams Might Not Survive If A Budget Cap Doesn't Happen

Claire Williams has said that unless Liberty Media pushes through with its cost cap idea, Williams could disappear from the grid altogether

Ferrari Is Continuing To Throw Quit Threats Around Following The 2021 Rules Proposals

If Liberty Media hoped its proposal for the 2021 rules would end Ferrari's threat to quit the sport, it was wrong

Grosjean Reckons A Cost Cap Would Make F1 As Exciting as MotoGP

Romain Grosjean is certainly in favour of the cost cap F1 plans to introduce in 2021, saying it could close the racing up and make it as good as MotoGP

This Video Explains Why Hamilton Didn't Pit During The Safety Car

During the Chinese Grand Prix Mercedes had the option to pit Lewis Hamilton during the safety car period - why didn't they?

Sainz Might End Up Sticking With Renault For The Future

Although he's currently only on loan to Renault from Red Bull, Carlos Sainz says he'd be happy if he ended up staying with the French team

Two Burning Cars Weren’t Enough To Stop The 1970 Spanish GP

Despite the wreckage from a fiery crash spilling onto the circuit, the Spanish Grand Prix carried on as normal on this day in 1970

The Most Consistent Points Scoring Runs In F1

Lewis Hamilton has recently toppled the record for most consecutive points finishes with his fourth place at the 2018 Chinese Grand Prix his 28th consecutive points finish, but who has he beaten?

Ricciardo's Keeping His Options Open For 2019 Despite Winning In China

Daniel Ricciardo has said that he'll need more from Red Bull than the occasional victory to convince him to stay with the team next year

Why McLaren Could Have A Driver Problem For 2019

Too many good drivers and not enough seats: what is McLaren going to do next year?

New F1 Rules Should Allow Drivers To Push Harder In 2019

From 2019, cars will be allowed to carry more fuel in order to allow the drivers to push harder and reduce fuel saving

Jos Verstappen Believes That Son Max "Needs To Think" More

Max's father, Jos, has said that he was "disappointed" with the Red Bull driver's lack of judgement shown when trying to pass Vettel in China

Alonso Has Passed His Le Mans Simulator Test

Before being allowed to drive at Le Mans every driver has to complete a test on a simulator, and Fernando Alonso has unsurprisingly passed his easily