Formula 1

Magnussen Apologises For Gasly Clash

The Haas driver also responded to reports citing his own words before the race

The Bizarre F1 Race That Saw Almost Everyone Run Out Of Fuel

The 1985 San Marino Grand Prix had a bizarre and dramatic ending

Pirelli Will Debut The 2018 Hard Tyres At The British Grand Prix

All compounds will have a lower tread depth to compensate for Silverstone's new track surface

Mercedes Would Be Up For Starting A Haas-Style Technical Partnership With A Customer Team

Toto Wolff has said that Mercedes wouldn't be against forming a closer relationship with either Williams or Force India, in much the same style as Ferrari has with Haas

Brabham Is Back With A New £1 Million Track Car

The Brabham name has returned from the shadows with the BT62, a £1 million, track-only hypercar

Force India Thinks Perez Should Be In A Front-Running Car

Following his mega podium in Baku, Force India's deputy team principal Bob Fernley has said that it's a shame that Sergio Perez hasn't been given the chance with a top team

A Miami Street Race For 2019 Is Gathering Momentum

Formula 1 has officially confirmed that a much-rumoured race in

Brawn Says The Red Bull Crash Proves That F1 Aerodynamics Need A Rethink

Ross Brawn believes that Formula 1's current aerodynamic rules contributed to the crash between Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen

Perez Draws Comparison Between His Year At McLaren And Verstappen's Struggles

Sergio Perez believes that Max Verstappen's dip in reputation similar to his own time at McLaren

Formula 1 Has Trademarked Daniel Ricciardo's Shoey

Formula 1 has managed to trademark the term 'Shoey' with a view to launching some Shoey-themed merchandise in the future

The Time A Young Senna Beat A Load Of F1 Champions In Identical Cars

To celebrate the opening of the new Nurburgring in 1984, Mercedes organised a race for 20 drivers which included nine F1 champions - and Ayrton Senna beat them all

F1 Has Passed Some New Rules To Make Overtaking Easier Next Year

The F1 commission has voted through some changes to the 2019 rules with the aim of improving overtaking

Magnussen Wishes He Could Have Raced In The 1960s Because He Likes The Danger

Never one to shy away from danger, Kevin Magnussen has revealed that he wishes he could have raced in motorsport's most dangerous era

Hamilton Feels This Year's Mercedes Is Worse Than Last Year's 'Diva' W08

Although he's leading the championship after a surprise victory in Baku, Lewis Hamilton fears that the car beneath him is a bit of a handful to drive

Watch The Incident Which Led Gasly To Call Magnussen "The Most Dangerous Guy"

Pierre Gasly laid into Kevin Magnussen's driving standards following a high-speed incident late in the race which damaged the Toro Rosso. When you see the onboard footage, you can see why