Formula 1

F1 Drivers Singing A Britney Spears Song Is As Hilarious As It Is Cringeworthy

A handful of drivers churned out some Britney Spears and Bruno Mars lyrics to promote the US GP at COTA later this year

Here's How F1 Teams Move All Of Their Stuff From Race To Race

This video explains how teams cope with transporting all of their equipment during an F1 season

F1 Is Going To Consider Allowing Teams To Run A Different Number Of Cars

Formula 1's technical director Pat Symonds has put forward the idea to allow teams to potentially run one car or three cars

Kubica Has Confirmed He Had A Ferrari Deal For The 2012 Season

It had long been suspected, but Robert Kubica has admitted that he was poised to drive for Ferrari before he had the rally accident which halted his career

Ricciardo Is Now Expecting To Stay With Red Bull Next Year

Daniel Ricciardo reckons he'll be staying with Red Bull next year as other opportunities have been closed off

Villeneuve Thinks Raikkonen Was Penalised Heavier Because He Hit Hamilton

The 1997 champion believes Kimi Raikkonen would have received less of a penalty if he'd crashed into a different driver

F1 Could End Up Keeping The Same Power Units In 2021

Despite an agreement to switch to simpler engines, manufacturers are now pushing to keep things the same

Relive Raikkonen's Brilliantly Sassy Team Radio Message From The British GP

Kimi Raikkonen came up with another team radio gem during the British Grand Prix whilst discussing strategy with his team

Hamilton Has Explained His Reactions After The British GP

Lewis Hamilton took to Instagram to explain why he did what he did at the end of the British Grand Prix

Verstappen Was 21mph Slower Than Raikkonen On The Straight at Silverstone

Red Bull's horrific straight-line speed prevented either driver from being able to challenge the front-runners during the British Grand Prix

Haas Is Starting To Get Fed Up With Grosjean's Constant Crashes

After another incident-filled weekend, Hass boss Guenther Steiner has admitted that Romain Grosjean's form is starting to become a worry

Arrivabene Hits Back At Mercedes' Accusations Of Foul Play

The Ferrari boss decisively responded to Mercedes' post-race suggestion of funny business at Ferrari

This Video Explains The Collision Between Raikkonen And Hamilton

Find out exactly what went down at Turn 3 during the first lap of the British Grand Prix, when Lewis Hamilton was spun around by Kimi Raikkonen's Ferrari

Gasly Loses His Points Finish Following His Clash With Perez

The Toro Rosso drivers weren't expecting points this weekend and haven't got any after a late penalty drops Gasly out of the points

Raikkonen Admits Fault And Accepts Penalty For His Collision With Hamilton

Kimi Raikkonen wasn't interested in defending his driving on the first lap and accepted that his penalty was fair