Formula 1

Verstappen Has Finally Admitted His Pass On Raikkonen In Austin Was Wrong

Max Verstappen has always insisted there was nothing wrong with his last-lap pass on Kimi Raikkonen at COTA - until now

These Star Wars Liveries On F1 Cars Need To Be A Thing

Star Wars is iconic; some F1 liveries are iconic. Combining the two is a no-brainer!

Jean Todt Thinks Current F1 Cars Are Too Reliable

The President of the FIA said that both Ferrari and Mercedes were simply “too reliable” during 2017

F1 Cars Are Set To Be Even Quicker In 2018

According to Pirelli F1 cars could be more than two seconds a lap quicker next season

Watch Daniel Ricciardo And Max Verstappen Visit NASA

The Red Bull Racing drivers had some fun at NASA in the team's latest video

Concept Images Revealed Of Montreal's New Pit Complex

Here's a look at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve's new paddock complex

Here's Pierre Gasly Singing Jingle Bells Into A Banana

Watch the Toro Rosso drivers attempting to sing 'Vive le Vent' because Christmas

Watch A Graphic Designer Critique The New F1 Logo

Here's a look into how the new Formula 1 logo was designed and whether it's good or bad

Emerson Fittipaldi Won His Last F1 Race After A Hail Storm Wiped Out Most Of The Field

Cars were aquaplaning off everywhere in the 1975 British GP, but Emerson Fittipaldi kept his cool to take what turned out to be his 14th and final win

Sirotkin Looks Set To Get The Williams Seat Ahead Of Kubica

Russia's Sergey Sirotkin is now rumoured to be in prime position to get the Williams drive

If Maserati Sponsor Haas We Hope It'll Look This Good

With rumours of Maserati sponsoring Haas next season, we're hoping the livery ends up looking this awesome

The F1 Esports Final Received Over 6 Million Views

The numbers from F1’s first ever Esports event has been released and they’re very impressive

Ricciardo's Baku Divebomb Voted Best F1 Overtake Of 2017

Daniel Ricciardo's incredible triple overtake from Azerbaijan was voted the best of the year

Vettel Thinks People Need To Accept That Some Races Are Going To Be Boring

The Ferrari driver is fed up of hearing people moan about the lack of overtaking