Formula 1

Sirotkin Looks Set To Get The Williams Seat Ahead Of Kubica

Russia's Sergey Sirotkin is now rumoured to be in prime position to get the Williams drive

If Maserati Sponsor Haas We Hope It'll Look This Good

With rumours of Maserati sponsoring Haas next season, we're hoping the livery ends up looking this awesome

The F1 Esports Final Received Over 6 Million Views

The numbers from F1’s first ever Esports event has been released and they’re very impressive

Ricciardo's Baku Divebomb Voted Best F1 Overtake Of 2017

Daniel Ricciardo's incredible triple overtake from Azerbaijan was voted the best of the year

Vettel Thinks People Need To Accept That Some Races Are Going To Be Boring

The Ferrari driver is fed up of hearing people moan about the lack of overtaking

Daniel Ricciardo Gives Out His Alternative 2017 Season Awards

Daniel Ricciardo shares some memorable moments from his 2017 season

Watch Prost And Senna Battle Each Other In A Kart Race

Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna and several other big names of the early 1990s faced each other in an epic end-of-season karting event

The WTF1 End Of Season Awards 2017

It's time for us to give out our annual end-of-year awards

Sebastian Vettel Doesn't Think Much Of Formula E

The four-time champ thinks it's pretty boring and doubts that it's really the future of motorsport

Haas's Team Principal Really Hopes Grosjean Cuts Down His Moaning Next Year

Guenther Steiner has said that he'd like Romain Grosjean to calm down a bit next year

Felipe Massa Has Already Sorted Out His Next Motorsport Adventure

Felipe Massa will race in the opening round of the 2018 Brazilian Stock Car championship

Here's The Final 2018 Formula 1 Calendar

The FIA has finalised the 2018 F1 calendar, with just one change from the one revealed earlier this year

F1 Team Bosses Have Ranked The Top 10 Drivers Of 2017 And The Results Are A Bit Strange

There's not much to argue about with the top four, but below that, things get a bit strange

The FIA Has Made Engine Penalties A Bit Easier To Understand

Rule changes for 2018 will put a stop to the ridiculous 50 or 60 place grid drops