Formula 1

Watch Ricciardo And Verstappen Play Japanese Word Association

Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo put a twist on the classic game of word association. Wax on...

Uh Oh, F1 Teams Have Had A Meeting To Discuss Ways To "Improve The Show"

F1 is a weird sport in that the competitors often attempt to dictate the rules, something that makes little sense when changes are already being planned

McLaren Apparently Forgot To Choose Its Tyre Compounds For The Japanese GP

A mix-up has meant that McLaren's tyre selection for the Japanese Grand Prix weekend has been chosen by Pirelli and not the team

On This Day In F1 - Ferrari's First Grand Prix Winner Is Born

A look back at what happened on 5 October in Formula 1 history

The Real Poetry Is That Bianchi's Legacy Lives On In Formula 1

Jules Bianchi mentored Charles Leclerc and Pierre Gasly, both of whom are destined for big things in the future

Hamilton Wants To See McLaren And Williams Fighting At The Front Again

Two former giants of F1 have been reduced to scrapping at the back, and Lewis Hamilton - along with many fans - is still at odds with how it has gone so wrong this season

Sebastian Vettel Has A Rather Unique Alternative Idea To DRS

DRS isn't the most universally popular thing in Formula 1, and Sebastian Vettel has come up with a novel alternative for improving the racing

On This Day In F1 - Trulli Fights To Keep Toyota In The Sport

A look back at what happened on 4 October in Formula 1 history

F1 Is Considering Changing The Penalty System After The Q2 Mess In Sochi

After five cars sat out Q2 in Sochi, F1 is considering immediate tweaks which could force even penalised cars to try and set a lap

Hamilton Thinks Sochi Should Be Raced Backwards To Generate More Overtaking

Lewis Hamilton thinks that running the Sochi circuit in the other direction would make it easier for drivers to overtake

Stop Saying Teams Should Lose Constructors' Points Instead Of Getting Grid Penalties

Any time engine penalties mix up the grid, people start demanding a change to the penalty system - but docking teams points isn't the answer

On This Day In F1 - The Bulls Do Battle In Malaysia

A look back at what happened on 2 October in Formula 1 history

Ricciardo's Story About His Socks Will Make You See Shoeys In A Whole New Light

Whilst appearing on the podcast for his favourite AFL team, Daniel Riccardo shared a rather harrowing story about his sock-wearing routine