We Could Still See Pink Cars On The F1 Grid This Year

Can we let you into a little secret? When Aston Martin announced their entry in F1, we were super excited. However, a small piece of our heart broke when we realised that it probably meant ‘bye bye’ to the iconic pink BWT livery. However, this might not be the case anymore!

The Drive To Survive Season 3 Teaser Trailer Is HERE

Oh my god, it’s happening. Okay, everybody stay calm. THE DRIVE TO SURVIVE TEASER TRAILER IS HERE. After what feels like forever, Netflix has dropped a short season 3 trailer for the F1 documentary, and we’re beyond excited.

AlphaTauri Reveal New Livery For Their 2021 Campaign

They’ve got a fresh new pairing of Yuki Tsunoda and Pierre Gasly, but it’s not just the drivers that have changed. The AlphaTauri ATO2 has got some subtle differences to its livery too for the 2021 season. 

Matt Gallagher: How I Got Into F1 The Unconventional Way

The next guest in our series of weekly columns is our very own Matt Gallagher! You’ll know him from being the face of our amazing YouTube channel, but have you ever wondered how he found himself in that role? Matt explains it all in his first editorial column on WTF1.com. 

Changes Will Be Made To The Albert Park Circuit To Encourage More Overtaking

This year’s Australian Grand Prix, currently rescheduled to take place in November, will be taking on several changes in the hopes it will improve overtaking on the street circuit. We’re simple people; we see the words “more overtaking” and are instantly wanting to know more.

The Internet Has Gone Mad For The McLaren Song Lando and Danny Ric Created

If you’re like us, you sat through the entirety of the McLaren launch utterly dumbfounded at what you had just watched. Lando Norris and new signing Daniel Ricciardo headed off to a music studio to create a song that would ‘get them hyped up’ before a race, and it was one of the best but […]

McLaren Launch Their MCL35M With An Almost Identical Livery To Last Year

Wow, what a first launch of the season! McLaren has set expectations high with an action-packed launch show that included both drivers creating their own song, cute video messages from family and fans plus the unveiling of the 2021 challenger.

Red Bull Will Be Taking Over Honda’s Power Unit Technology From 2022

In a move that we all saw coming, Red Bull has come to an agreement with Honda and will take over its power unit technology from 2022. The process requires Red Bull to form a new company, so they’ve gone for the name ‘Red Bull Powertrains Limited’.

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