The Bad F1 Stats 2016 Season Review

BadF1Stats is back with a special season review post, offering up all the least important and most useless observations from another year of Formula One. – The ‘2016 Formula One Season’ was the joint longest in the history of the sport, at 23 characters long. – Pastor Maldonado did not have a single crash in F1 […]

Watch MotoGP Champion Jorge Lorenzo Test A Mercedes F1 Car

Number 99 on a Mercedes F1 car? That can only mean one thing: Adrian Sutil is making a shock comeback next year! No, wait, that’s not right… The 99 is actually on the car because that’s the number of three-time MotoGP champion Jorge Lorenzo, who got a chance to test Hamilton’s 2014 title-winning Mercedes around the […]

Here’s All 22 F1 Drivers’ Helmet Designs As Race Liveries

A few weeks ago we brought you some awesome Formula 1 concept liveries, showcasing what the current grid would look like if car liveries were based off helmet designs. Well now we’ve got the full set, created by the very talented graphic designer Tim Holmes. He’s showed us what all 22 cars would look like […]

This Bonkers Tyrrell LMP1 Concept Is Inspired By The Six-Wheeled P34

With Audi leaving the WEC at the end of the season there’s hope that their absence may tempt another manufacturer to join LMP1. It might not be soon, and it almost definitely won’t be Tyrrell, but that doesn’t stop us dreaming it will be after seeing this incredible concept. Designed by G24 Studio (you may remember […]

McLaren Reveal Future F1 Concept Called The MP4-X

Back in February, Ferrari revealed their ‘Formula One car of the future’ and now it’s McLaren’s turn to share their vision. Named the MP4-X, the car has a closed cockpit, enclosed wheels and a zero emissions engine that is additional boosted by solar cells. Even the sponsors are futuristic, with McLaren revealing the ads would be targeted […]

Absolutely Epic Red Bull 2017 F1 Concept

There’s talks that Formula One might have a revolutionary new look in 2017, but F1 fan Andries Van Overbeeke just couldn’t wait that long! He’s designed this mega looking Red Bull Racing concept car complete with a stunning black livery and Max Verstappen at the wheel. Epic. Thanks to Andries for sending WTF1 this awesome concept!

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