Formula E

Mahindra's Formula E Team Has Joined Forces With Legendary Design Studio Pininfarina

Mahindra and Pininfarina have entered into a strategic and technological partnership

The Marrakesh Formula E Race Was Unusually Calm... Until The End

Felix Rosenqvist won a race which was pretty calm by Formula E standards, but still featured a couple of typically crazy moments

Formula E Believes It Could Be The Last Motorsport Standing By 2040

Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag thinks most other championships will have fallen by the wayside in the next couple of decades

Formula E Has Revealed How Much It Will Cost Teams To Buy Cars From Next Season

The cost of certain components of the cars is being capped to prevent manufacturers from buying their way to the top

Jani Is Leaving Formula E After Just One Round

The former WEC champion has already parted ways with his Formula E team after the first two races

Michelin Isn't Coming Back To F1 Because The Sport Isn't Innovative Enough

The French tyre manufacturer says that it prefers the World Endurance Championship and Formula E because it can take more risks

Richard Branson Thinks Formula E Will Be Bigger Than F1 In 10 Years

The billionaire founder of Virgin reckons that if things stay the way they are, Formula E will overtake F1

Roborace Had A Race Between A Human And Its Self Driving Race Car

Formula E presenter Nicki Shields drove the DevBot before the driverless car attempted to beat her lap time

Sebastian Vettel Doesn't Think Much Of Formula E

The four-time champ thinks it's pretty boring and doubts that it's really the future of motorsport

Heidfeld Records Video Message For Hamilton To Let Him Know He's OK

Nick Heidfeld continued the roasting of Lewis Hamilton over his Formula E post on Instagram

Rosberg “Open To Exploring” Future In Formula E

F1 World Champion Nico Rosberg has praised the “impressive” and “trailblazing” Formula E Championship

Hamilton Has Apparently Only Just Seen This Formula E Crash

For some reason Hamilton just posted about a Formula E crash from back in 2014

Abt Loses First Formula E Win For Having The Wrong Stickers On His Car

Daniel Abt has been disqualified from first place in the Hong Kong ePrix following scrutineering because some bits of his car had the wrong stickers on them

Edoardo Mortara Threw Away Formula E Victory With Just A Couple Of Laps To Go

In his first weekend in the championship, Formula E rookie Edoardo Mortara was looking set to take a dominant win before spinning out