We Wish These Brilliant Alternate Timeline Motorsport Mashups Were Actually Real

Someone on Twitter is spending their isolation period by using Project Cars 2 to 'rediscover' motorsport events which have been 'lost' - and we're loving the results

IndyCar's Esports Race Had The Best Example Of Commentator's Curse We've Seen In Ages

The IndyCar iRacing Challenge kicked off at Watkins Glen on Sunday and Scott Speed got absolutely shafted by the oldest of motor racing's curses - the commentator's curse

Lando Norris Phoning His Fellow F1 Drivers Was The Highlight Of The Virtual GP

Max Verstappen, Carlos Sainz, George Russell and others all got impromptu phonecalls from Lando Norris asking for advice on how to tackle the race - and it was absolutely brilliant

F1 Season Declared Over Before It Starts After Team Sets Fast Time During Testing

A Formula 1 insider has said that there's no point in carrying on with the rest of the season after one team set a fast lap time during the first day of testing

Lando Norris "Accidentally" Leaked The McLaren MCL35's Launch Date

McLaren had a creative way of announcing the launch date of its 2020 contender during a Lando Norris livestream from the factory

Watch Verstappen Absolutely Lose His Shit Over A Talking Toy Unicorn

Red Bull's annual Christmas videos are always entertaining, but this year's edition has ended up being particularly surreal

Zak Brown Has Bought A Tour Of The Red Bull Racing Factory

Adrian Newey offered up a tour of Red Bull's facilities as part of a charity auction, only for the winner to end up being McLaren CEO Zak Brown

This IMSA Team's Press Release Explaining Its Future Plans Is Utterly Hilarious

Magnus Racing poked a bit of fun at sportscar racing and motorsport in general in an utterly superb press release explaining the team's future plans

Toro Rosso Played A Superb Prank On Gasly During Abu Dhabi Testing

When Pierre Gasly was called into the pits during the post-season test in Abu Dhabi, he found a bit of a surprise waiting for him

Verstappen And Leclerc Lost It Following A Ridiculously Long Press Conference Question

During Thursday's press conference, Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen couldn't contain their laughter following a question from a particularly verbose journalist

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The resident film buff of the Formula 1 grid goes into detail about what filmmakers got right - and wrong - about various racing movies

The Top Three Had Some Great Banter About Whether Alonso Should Return To F1

Following the Hungarian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel were asked whether they'd like to see Fernando Alonso back in F1 - with amusing results

Honda Made A Cheeky Reference To Alonso After Verstappen Won The German GP

With the Red Bull-Honda partnership delivering its second win in three races, Honda couldn't help but celebrate by rolling back to the Fernando Alonso years with an 'autocorrect error'

Verstappen And Norris Went Meme Crazy As They Won The iRacing Spa 24 Hours

Winning the race was impressive enough, but what really made it was the banter between Lando Norris and Max Verstappen during the race