Fernando Alonso Is "Sad" That He Retired On The Formation Lap In Russia

A suspected ERS failure meant that for the second race in a row there was only one McLaren on the grid

Sauber Being Powered By Honda Is Officially A Thing

Honda will supply a second team with Formula 1 power units from 2018 onwards, with Sauber joining McLaren

Here’s How The 2016 And 2017 Russian GP Pole Laps Compare

Let’s take a look at just how much faster the 2017 Russian Grand Prix pole lap looks compared to last year

Fernando Alonso Reckons McLaren Are Losing Three Seconds A Lap On The Straights In Sochi

The McLaren driver is proving that the Indy 500 isn't taking all his focus away as he still remembers to make time to criticise the Honda power unit

Ferrari Just Scored Its First Front Row Lockout Since France 2008

Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen will start the 2017 Russian Grand Prix from the front row of the grid

Honda Is In Talks To Supply Its Engines To More Teams In 2018

The head of Honda's F1 programme has suggested that the Japanese manufacturer could supply as many as three teams on the F1 grid next season

Vandoorne Already Has a Grid Penalty For Using Too Many Power Unit Components

The Belgian's McLaren-Honda has now used five power unit components in barely four race weekends

Force India Decides To Ditch Its Shark Fin Early In Russian FP1

Esteban Ocon brought out the red flag in Russian Grand Prix first practice after his engine cover flew off

F1 Teams And Drivers Show Support For Billy Monger In Sochi

Formula 1 teams and drivers have been showing their support for Billy Monger at the Russian Grand Prix

The FIA Is Making It Easier To See F1 Driver Names And Numbers

Charlie Whiting is putting his foot down and making sure Formula 1 driver names and numbers are clearly visible

Williams Will Auction Off Race Suits And Boots For Billy Monger's Crowdfunding

Felipe Massa’s race suit and Lance Stroll’s boots from the Russian GP are going up for auction

Shark Fins And T-wings Will Be Gone In 2018

The F1 Strategy Group has voted to close the loophole that made 2017s must-have aerodynamic devices possible

F1 Is Dropping The Halo In Favour Of The New 'Shield' Concept

Despite being developed for the past few years the F1 Strategy Group agreed to drop the Halo device, with the new 'Shield' concept being favoured for introduction in 2018.

The FIA Aren't Going To Change The DRS Rules This Year

Despite there being less overtaking in 2017 than in 2016 the FIA have said they won't be making any changes to the way DRS works

Sauber Is Likely To Have Honda Engines From 2018

The Swiss team are set to ditch Ferrari power for Honda power next year as part of a long-term deal