Here's Why Christian Horner Thinks The 2019 Rule Changes Are A Really Bad Idea

Subtle changes to the cars for next year are being made in a bid to improve the racing, but Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner has some serious concerns about the way they've been "rushed" through

Plans For A Miami GP In 2019 Have Been Approved

The Miami City Commission has voted unanimously in favour of hosting an F1 race around the city streets from 2019

F1 Cars Are Projected To Be 1.5 Seconds Slower In 2019

Formula 1 cars are predicted to be around 1.5 seconds slower in 2019 compared to their predecessors as a result of aerodynamic changes

Red Bull Will Stop Letting Its Drivers Fight If It Thinks There's Going To Be A Crash

Red Bull has said it will prevent its drivers from battling each other when it senses that good hard racing could escalate into a Baku-style collision

Williams Has Launched Its Own Official Esports Team

Williams has become the latest big name in Formula 1 to tie itself to the growing esports scene

The FIA Is Hoping To Have Dropped DRS By 2021

The 2021 cars will supposedly be able to follow each other so closely that Formula 1 will be able to drop the Drag Reduction System from the regulations

F1 Is Going To Try And Get Rid Of Grid Penalties By 2021

The sport is aiming to try and bring a proper end to the much-hated grid penalties, although we're going to have to wait a few years first

Leclerc Isn't Expecting Every Race To Go As Well As Baku

The Sauber driver and 2017 F2 champion arrived in F1 with widespread backing and support and he's going about things in a really mature manner

The Stewards Completely Shut Down Williams' Request To Review Baku Incidents

Williams' request for the stewards to take another look at some of the incidents from the Azerbaijan Grand Prix was met with a resounding 'no'

McLaren Managing Expectations On Incoming Spanish GP Upgrades

The team has started this season with some positive results, will upgrades this weekend see another step forwards?

Force India Believes That Baku Podium Marks Start To Renewed 'Fight For Fourth'

Last season, Force India started the campaign off the pace and then emerged as 'best of the rest' at the Spanish Grand Prix. Can the Pink Panthers do it again?

Pastor Maldonado Believes Verstappen Comparisons Are "Inappropriate"

Former Formula 1 driver Pastor Maldonado has rubbished the comparisons made between himself and Red Bull's Max Verstappen

The Birmingham Superprix Circuit Could Return To Host A Formula E Race

Two years after erasing the London ePrix from the calendar, Formula E may return to Great Britain for the 2018/2019 season

Only Two Drivers Are Currently In Contention To Be Hamilton's Teammate Next Year

Toto Wolff has said that the team is only looking at drivers who are already involved with Mercedes in some way