Did Ocon Just Confirm That He's Lost His Seat At Force India?

Whilst chatting with Sebastian Vettel after Belgian Grand Prix qualifying, Esteban Ocon seemed to confirm that he's being replaced at Force India

Hamilton On Pole As F1's 'New' Team Locks Out The Second Row On Debut

A wet Q3 saw Lewis Hamilton take a record fifth Spa pole as Racing Point Force India lock out the second row

Force India Won't Get Any New Engines Despite Technically Being A New Team

In the interest of fairness to other teams, stewards have said that Force India has to continue with its existing allocation of gearboxes and power unit components

Red Bull And Alonso Continue To Argue About Supposed Contracts

Fernando Alonso has demanded an apology from Christian Horner after his recent comments

Bottas And Hulkenberg Hit With Heavy Grid Penalties For Belgian GP

Their Sunday is going to be tough after both drivers take completely fresh power units

Force India Now Called Racing Point, Lose All Racing Points

Who is this new team? Can they be competitive from the off?

Red Bull Denies That Alonso Was Offered a 2019 Seat Despite His Claim

One the one hand, who the hell wouldn't have Fernando Alonso in their team? On the other, Red Bull Racing has recently been the benchmark for establishing non-divisive team-mate relationships

Ferrucci Keeps Place In Haas' Driver Programme Despite F2 Meltdown

The F2 driver was banned for driving into his teammate after the checkered flag, and then dropped from his contract for inappropriate off-track behaviour.

Force India Could Lose All 2018 Championship Points To Continue In F1

The team, Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon might have to start from scratch this weekend

Bratches Wants Premier League Football Levels Of Unpredictability In F1

F1's commercial director Sean Bratches agrees with Alonso's critique of a predictable F1, and thinks F1 could do with the odd upset

Ricciardo: Race Weekends Need To Be Shorter If The Calendar Gets Longer

Daniel Ricciardo has said that if more races get added to the calendar then drivers need to have fewer demands placed upon them throughout a race week

Both Toyotas Have Been Excluded From The 6 Hours Of Silverstone

Rebellion wins in the WEC at Silverstone after both Toyotas were excluded post-race

Verstappen Says The Rise Of Esports Can Benefit F1 Drivers

Max Verstappen has praised the increasing prominence of esports in Formula 1 and motorsport and explained how sim racers can help F1 drivers

Raikkonen Is Confused By Nico Rosberg's Decision To Become A Pundit

Kimi Raikkonen "cannot understand" some of the decisions Nico Rosberg has made since retiring

I Wouldn't Be Where I Am Now In My Career Without Red Bull - Vergne

Although his F1 career didn't work out, Jean-Eric Vergne has praised the Red Bull system for providing him with what has become a very successful career