Williams Thinks The Gap To The Midfield Shows That F1 Is "Basically Broken"

Claire Williams has said that the fact there's such a big gap between the top three teams and the rest shows how desperately the sport needs to introduce a budget cap

Yep, There's Another Rumour About Porsche Coming To F1

Former F1 driver Gerhard Berger has sparked fresh rumours that Porsche is seriously considering a future F1 entry

F1 Teams Might Be About To Start Mounting Their Mirrors On The Halo

The FIA has said that teams are allowed to dangle their mirrors from the Halo if they really want to

Red Bull Has Given Ricciardo A Deadline To Decide Who He's Driving For Next Year

Team principal Christian Horner wants Daniel Ricciardo to have made a decision over where he's driving next season by the summer break at the latest

Toto Wolff Is Loving The Increased Competition In F1 This Year

Despite having yet to win a race, Toto Wolff says the challenge of having to beat two strong teams could make this season even more rewarding than 2017

Hartley Explains The Main Differences Between LMP1 and F1 Cars

Brendon Hartley has said that the biggest difference between a Formula 1 car and an LMP1 car is not necessarily the car itself

How Nico Rosberg Is Turning Into A True Ambassador Of Motorsport

Rosberg may have retired from F1 after winning the title in 2016, but he has stepped up in other areas

Perez Doesn't Understand Why Top Teams Aren't Considering Him For A Drive

With so many top seats up for grabs next year Sergio Perez is a little confused as to why he's not in the frame, considering some of the drivers he's beaten over the years

Renault Is Frustrated That The Top Three Teams Are Still So Far Ahead

Despite appearing to be on top of the midfield battle, Renault is annoyed that it hasn't reduced the gap to the top teams

Massa Thinks Williams Is Struggling Because Of Its Driver Choice

Felipe Massa has attributed some of Williams' struggles to its decision to take on well-backed drivers this season

Spanish Press Is Reporting That Alonso Will Leave McLaren At The End Of The Season

Reports from Spain suggest that Fernando Alonso has had enough with McLaren and will leave the team at the end of 2018

Williams Might Not Survive If A Budget Cap Doesn't Happen

Claire Williams has said that unless Liberty Media pushes through with its cost cap idea, Williams could disappear from the grid altogether

Ferrari Is Continuing To Throw Quit Threats Around Following The 2021 Rules Proposals

If Liberty Media hoped its proposal for the 2021 rules would end Ferrari's threat to quit the sport, it was wrong

Grosjean Reckons A Cost Cap Would Make F1 As Exciting as MotoGP

Romain Grosjean is certainly in favour of the cost cap F1 plans to introduce in 2021, saying it could close the racing up and make it as good as MotoGP

Sainz Might End Up Sticking With Renault For The Future

Although he's currently only on loan to Renault from Red Bull, Carlos Sainz says he'd be happy if he ended up staying with the French team