The Defining Moments From The 2020 F1 Season

2020 has been one of the weirdest years on record. What started as a fresh new decade and full of exciting opportunities, quickly turned into a living nightmare for most. With a global pandemic on our hands, life was forced to drastically change and that included F1.

Who Will Be the Next F1 Driver to Win Their First Grand Prix?

Over halfway into the Turkish Grand Prix, the top three were formed of Stroll, Perez and Albon; none of whom have a Grand Prix victory. Eventually, the win went to Hamilton, but this got us thinking about who the next driver to take their first victory will be? 

Who Will Be the Next F1 Driver to Win Their First Grand Prix? © XPB Images

What Does A Shorter Race Weekend Mean For F1?

This weekend’s Grand Prix at Imola is not only special because we are returning to the racetrack for the first time since 2006, but the format has been changed with Friday practice being eliminated completely.

Emilia Romagna Grand Prix © XPB Images

F1’s 2021 Silly Season Just Got A Whole Lot Crazier

It has certainly been a strange silly season so far. We have had Fernando Alonso return from ‘retirement’, Sebastian Vettel being binned from Ferrari before being announced as the new driver at Aston Martin next year, Carlos Sainz getting the call up at Ferrari and Daniel Ricciardo jumping into a McLaren after a two-year stint […]

F1's 2021 Silly Season Just Got A Whole Lot Crazier

Why Haven’t The Other Midfield Teams Copied Mercedes?

With Racing Point having a promising first two races with the RP20, the idea of simply copying the best car seems like an obvious one – so why hasn’t anyone else tried it?

Why Hamilton Shouldn’t Have Been Penalised For The Albon Crash

Lewis Hamilton was issued a five-second penalty after spinning Alex Albon out of a potential victory in the Austrian GP – but was it the correct judgement?

F1’s Cost Cap Could Make Mercedes Look At Racing In Other Series

Toto Wolff has suggested that Mercedes could use its excess resource to spread out and compete in different championships

F1 Wants To Trial Reverse Grid Races This Year… But Not Every Team Is Up For It

Formula 1 has floated the idea of using the planned double-header races this season to test out the idea of a reverse grid race and got some support – but Mercedes is believed to be against the plan

Abt Explains The Formula E Sim Racing Scandal That Has Cost Him His Audi Drive

Daniel Abt has explained the reasons behind his decision to use a ringer in a Formula E sim race, saying that the idea was to create a “funny story”, not to boost his own results – as well as accepting that he went “too far”

Where Will Vettel End Up Next Year?

With the first wave of driver market moves done, Sebastian Vettel’s options have shrunk slightly – where will he end up?

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