A Nascar Driver Lost An Actual Sponsor After Rage Quitting On iRacing

Bubba Wallace didn't like the idea of racing with no prospect of doing well, so he decided to drop out of a race - only for the rage quit to end up costing him one of his sponsors

Helmut Marko Wanted To Deliberately Give The Red Bull Drivers Coronavirus

Red Bull's motorsport advisor has admitted that he wanted to organise a 'coronavirus camp' for Red Bull's stable of drivers in order for them to develop immunity to the virus before the motorsport season starts again

A Kangaroo At Bathurst Had A Go At Being A Safety Car

A couple of kangaroos thought it would be fun to see what it would be like to be a safety car at the Bathurst 12 Hours

There Were A Wide Range Of Reaction Times On Display At The Start Of This F4 Race

From jump starts to slow starts to everything in between, the start UAE Formula 4 race had a bit of everything

Watch Verstappen Absolutely Lose His Shit Over A Talking Toy Unicorn

Red Bull's annual Christmas videos are always entertaining, but this year's edition has ended up being particularly surreal

You Can Now Buy A Nordschleife-Themed Version Of Monopoly

A special edition of the classic board game has been released which features locations from the iconic Nurburgring-Nordschleife

F2 Driver Raghunathan Has Earned Another Ban But Won't Miss Any Races

Mahaveer Raghunathan has managed to amass 12 penalty points on his licence (again!) but a quirk of the Formula 2 regulations means he won't actually have to serve a ban

F1 Is Launching Its Own Perfume Range For Some Reason

There's plenty of tenuous F1-themed merchandise out there but this one really seems to take the biscuit

Jenson Button Got Stranded In The Desert For 17 Hours On His Baja Debut

The 2009 champion made his debut in the Baja 1000 rally raid event this weekend, only for a car problem to leave him having an impromptu camping trip with his co-driver

The Super GT/DTM Race At Fuji Was So Bonkers That Narain Karthikeyan Won it

The non-championship 'Fuji Dream Races' for Super GT and DTM cars took place this weekend and after an incident-filled second race, F1 legend Narain Karthikeyan took the win

DTM Wants Pit Stops To Be Done By Robots In The Future

A vision for the future of the championship features a rethink of the whole pit stop process, with human mechanics being removed from the process

A Shock Absorber Ended Up On Someone's Balcony After A Massive Supercars Accident

Shane van Gisbergen showed incredible sportsmanship when he stopped to help after Scott McLaughlin suffered an enormous accident, but the really worrying thing was where a piece of debris ended up going during the crash

Watch A Jordan F1 Car Perform The Classic Tablecloth Trick

Back in the 1990s, a TV show attempted to answer the question we've all asked at some point: Can you use a Formula 1 car to perform the tablecloth trick?

World Superbikes Had Its Own Version Of Indianapolis 2005

A third of the field withdrew from the first race of the weekend in Argentina due to concerns over track conditions

Kvyat's Special Russian GP Helmet Design Has Been Rejected By The FIA

In order to commemorate his first home Formula 1 race in two years, Daniil Kvyat planned to run a one-off helmet design - but the FIA had other ideas