IndyCar Had To Red Flag A Session Because Of Geese

Morning warm-up for the IndyCar Grand Prix at Indianapolis was interrupted when a gaggle of geese decided to get up close to the action

When Lewis Hamilton Took Part In The Worst Publicity Stunt Ever

Back in 2008, Lewis Hamilton took part in what has to be one of the worst PR stunts ever when he awkwardly descended from the ceiling during a play

Watch The Incident Which Led Gasly To Call Magnussen "The Most Dangerous Guy"

Pierre Gasly laid into Kevin Magnussen's driving standards following a high-speed incident late in the race which damaged the Toro Rosso. When you see the onboard footage, you can see why

The Toro Rosso Near-Miss In Qualifying Was The Scariest Moment Of 2018 So Far

Both Toro Rosso drivers got knocked out of Q1 in Azerbaijan, but that was probably the best possible outcome given the accident that could have happened

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Red Bull and Daniel Ricciardo talk through a lap of the Shanghai International Circuit in this bizarre guide

Watch An IndyCar Driver Do A Questionable Three-Wheeled Spin Turn In The Pits

A marshal had to take evasive action when Matheus Leist suddenly decided to turn around in the pits

Porsche Has Broken The F1 Track Record At Spa With An Unrestricted 919 Hybrid

Now that Porsche isn't racing the 919 Hybrid LMP1 car in the WEC anymore, it's decided to make it ridiculously fast with the aim of beating a load of track records

The Argentine MotoGP Race Had The Most Farcical Yet Hilarious Race Start Ever

MotoGP appeared to be making up the rules as it went along in what has to be one of the most amusing starts to a race ever seen

This Moto3 Rider Just Took Out Another Rider On Purpose

When Moto3 rider Aron Canet got blocked during a fast lap, this was his response...

Sirotkin's Debut Came To An Early End Because Of A Plastic Bag

Sergey Sirotkin's Formula 1 debut only lasted five laps because a plastic bag got into the brake duct

Jacques Villeneuve Already Has A Crazy Conspiracy Theory About Williams

The 1997 champion thinks that Robert Kubica could deliberately sabotage the race drivers in order to get promoted to a race seat more quickly

Someone's Gazebo Blew Onto The Track In The Sebring 12 Hours

Just under four hours into the endurance classic and a full course yellow had to be thrown because a gazebo blew onto the track

IndyCar Legend A.J. Foyt Got Attacked By Killer Bees, Then Set Them On Fire

In a bizarre story, A.J. Foyt was hospitalised after being attacked by a swarm of killer bees for the second time in his life, then got his revenge by burning them to death

The Bahrain Grand Prix Has An Official Song Again And It's Amazing

Just like last year, the Bahrain GP has released an official song in order to promote the race and it's just incredible